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Business Partnership


On this page, you can see detailed information of the enterprises that have been designated under the financial regulatory sandbox program so far.
By promoting the main businesses of the designated enterprises to domestic and overseas enterprises, venture capital firms, investors, etc., we aim to support collaborations with financial firms and attract venture capital.

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지정기업 목록
No. Enterprise Service Date Detail
155 2021.04.14 View More View
154 2021.04.14 View More View
153 2021.04.14 View More View
152 2021.02.18 View More View
151 2021.02.18 View More View
150 2021.02.01 View More View
149 2020.12.16 View More View
148 2020.12.16 View More View
147 2020.12.16 View More View
146 2020.12.16 View More View