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We aim to
the financial
regulatory sandbox
Our company focuses on establishing a financial regulatory sandbox model unique to South Korea
in order to lead the way in financial innovation.
Number of designated services 325service  services
Number of services launched 190service  services

Financial Regulatory Sandbox Programs

Innovative Financial Service
Innovative financial services are services provided in the financial industry or related businesses that are recognized for their differentiated content, method, form, etc. and designated as regulatory exceptions.
Quick Check on Regulations
This is a system that allows financial service providers faced with regulatory uncertainties to quickly check the applicability of their services and the relevant statutes.

About the Financial Regulatory Sandbox

Using the Financial Regulatory Sandbox, financial service providers can test new financial services by allowing customers to use those new services. Financial authorities then receive the opportunity to improve the related programs and regulations based on the results from the testing of the new services.
Protection of
Public Values
Balanced pursuit of public values including
development of new technologies, fostering diverse industry growth, and protecting people’s lives, safety, and the environment
Improve regulations through innovation to prevent delays in the launch of new products and services
Continual inspections of impacts and process to protect the general public & consumers

Financial Regulatory Sandbox’s Story

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